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CAT 302.5

Sometimes you need a machine to help with home renovations that shovel and manpower just can’t handle. Home renovations, for example, can be tricky and require more power than a shovel and human being can provide. And while a full-size excavator can undoubtedly do the job of digging holes and trenches, it’s usually cost-prohibitive when you're doing your own renovations -- and simply too big.

The CAT 302.5 compact excavator is ideal for digging trenches for utility installation or repair. These machines can fit in tight spots near existing structures because of a tail swing of only 3.75 feet. And the CAT 302.5 has a 24.1 hp engine combined with a well-designed hydraulic system, which allows operators to move dirt efficiently, put it back, and even level it (with the proper attachment).

When you’re busy removing that damaged sewer line, the last thing you need is for one of your final drive motors to go out -- leaving you stuck in the same spot and the remaining work out of reach of the boom and shovel. So you need a replacement fast, and you need one that isn’t going to break your budget.

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Ordered on Monday, received on Tuesday. Highly recommend this business.

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