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CAT 303

The CAT 303 mini-excavator product line includes several popular models, including the 303 CR and the 303.5 CR. These compact excavators provide around 23.6 horsepower, enough for all sorts of tasks -- including one that people tend to overlook: cemetery landscaping (aka, preparing graves).

Yes, it sounds macabre. But it is a necessary part of life in many areas of the country that don’t depend on mausoleums and above-ground burials. These mini-excavators have to move over delicate surfaces with minimal ground disruption, for which their tracks are invaluable. Their 3’ swing radius works well as they maneuver among various obstacles, including trees, headstones, and benches. And compact excavators such as the CAT 303 line need to be reliable and precise as they perform the jobs of digging and refilling with minimal disruption to nearby areas.

But cemetery work is far from all the Caterpillar 303 can do, with applications ranging from small-scale demolition to road upkeep and everything in between. And there are a host of attachments that facilitate brush removal, drilling, and more.

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